How to empower – my 2021 with En-Gender 

This has originally been published at En-Gender. A few weeks back, we at the En-Gender team had the idea to publish once more end-of-the-year blogposts with our experiences and memories. But why am I only writing this now? This is enigmatic for my 2021: Many ideas, but never enough energy to actually fulfill them.  Throughout„How to empower – my 2021 with En-Gender „ weiterlesen

Social-Distancing Update from a Masters' and PhD student's living room

deutsch The home office has now reached pretty much everyone where it is possible — some faster and „easier“ than others. Most of the students and many of my colleagues simply had to go to the university library quickly and hope that the bag they were allowed to carry out on the last open day„Social-Distancing Update from a Masters' and PhD student's living room“ weiterlesen