Engender ! (Interdisciplinary Journal)

This journal aims on establishing an international community for the study of gender in the cultural studies, social sciences and humanities. We also want to establish an international community for undergraduate and postgraduate scholars on gender. This is why we do not want your essays and papers to disappear in the maelstrom of standardised neoliberal academia.

We were inspired to produce the journal as we felt there was a space needed for a theoretical gender approach in historical and various interdisciplinary works. We chose to organise ourselves as a collective in order to avoid academic hierarchy and to open the journal to a wide range of international contributions from the senior undergraduate and postgraduate community. As a collective we reflect on the wider societal relevance of our research; we believe, as students, we can make valuable contributions to debates in our field of studies.

  • We, as a collective, established the journal on the basis of providing a space for international, interdisciplinary work on gender and sexuality:
  • We are dedicated to examining gender across space and time, whilst understanding the meaning of gender depends on its historical and social context; the same can be said for sexuality and patriarchy.
  • We encourage contribution from a variety of subjects. We maintain that an interdisciplinary approach is the future of academic culture.
  • We hope to create an international community of senior undergraduate and postgraduate scholars committing their research to gender analysis.
  • This is why we welcome submissions in English as well as encourage any other academic also vernacular languages!

Current issue:
Engendering the Past, Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2018, New Interpretations: New Interpretations

We are accepting submissions for small pieces, review articles or papers and talks from 3000 to 5000 words.

If you would like to contribute, please email your piece or abstract to: engenderingthepast@gmail.com

If you want to join the collective and help us with editing / reviewing please also contact us!

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