I am a historian of religion and gender working on the interception of feminism and esotericism, in particular. I am currently writing my PhD and work at the University of Heidelberg. I write, teach, and discuss on the topics of decolonial and feminist ways to do academia.

My PhD research focusses on religious girls‘ education in colonial Sri Lanka and its intersection with global feminisms. This is also entangled with 19th century imperial, colonial history, the emergence of „modern“ religion and esotericism, and questions of gendered and racialised bodies. The main body of my research is on the Theosophical Society, a 19th century global esoteric movement which was very active in creating modern esotericism as well as engaging with religious reform and national movements in colonised countries.

I am also a feminist and a blogger. My blog has been active for some years now, ever changing. I engage with personal, political and academic questions of today. Have a look at my most recent posts.

Not only do I write for my blog, I also contribute to various online blogs, journals, and podcasts. You can read those articles and find the podcasts here and you always follow me on twitter.